Over the past twenty years, my research has primarily focussed on understanding MS.

The Australian Multiple Sclerosis Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) has been an integral part of our ability to track both symptom type and severity, and also the many factors that play a role in impacting the lives of people with MS; over a long period of time. Beginning in 2001 and with over 3000 people completing surveys each year, it has become a core study from which many other research programs have become integrated. The AMSLS has not only been pivotal in collecting real data about the many aspects of MS but has played a vital role in determining the economic cost of MS and also findings around quality of life. You can read more about the AMSLS here.

MS WorkSmart is a research based, online lifestyle education platform to live your best life with MS and to assist people with MS to be able to stay in the workplace. The program is comprised of nine modules from symptom management to your rights as a worker, to developing a balanced wholistic lifestyle to planning for the future. MS WorkSmart is an innovative program which allows users to identify areas in which they can improve or find support in. The program follows the lives of four people with MS and a team of Australian MS experts in a series of short documentaries which cover many aspects of
life with MS.

I am leading an NHMRC Partnership Project  to develop InforMS, a digital patient-centred health care system which visualises health data, has the capability of tracking symptoms daily, functionalities to upload and share data from smartphones and wearable sensor technologies to its system, as well as integration with MSBase: the most widely used clinical registry for MS. Informs aims to become the premier provider of integrative MS health records to inform and empower people with MS to take charge of their health.