I am Ingrid van der Mei, a professor in Epidemiology, originally from the Netherlands and now based in the beautiful city of Hobart, Australia.

I began my career in research in 1998 when I embarked on my PhD, researching the relationship between sun exposure and MS. With a background in human movement sciences and environmental health sciences, I felt a natural pull towards researching in an area that will have a positive impact on people's health.

I am an active person, a nature lover and enjoy kayaking the rivers and traversing the mountains in Tasmania. It balances the large amount of time I spend sitting behind my desk managing projects, supervising students and conducting research.

The reports and publications I have written and co-created fall under the themes of MS in relation to its causes, management and progression and its impact on quality of life and employment. 

My work is based at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research as part of the University of Tasmania. The Menzies is an innovative hub for medical research and education where I work with an interdisciplinary team of academics in the field of MS.

I am committed to conduct research and lead projects that will have a positive and sustained impact on people living with MS.